Black Friday to Cyber Monday Sale 2022

Guardian’s Black Friday sale is back… starting on Thanksgiving this year!
Starting today until Cyber Monday 2022, we are offering three years of Guardian Firewall Pro service for only $299.99 instead of $374.97. That is a savings of 20% for three years of service, or about $75.00.
This offer is available to new customers as well as all of our existing Pro customers. Due to industry standard subscription length limitations we are not able to offer this as an easy upgrade to existing customers.

To take advantage of this offer as an existing Pro customer, please contact If you have already created a Pro account on our website, please include which E-Mail is on file with us. All existing Pro subscriptions will be prorated by us as part of the subscription upgrade. The process doesn’t take longer than 5 minutes.

New customers can signup and activate their new subscription instantly by following the link below.

We hope that you and your families stay healthy, and we are endlessly thankful for the trust and support. It means the world to our little distributed team around the world!


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