Guardian for macOS (Beta)

Today, we are excited to announce Guardian Firewall for macOS as a beta release for our Guardian Pro subscribers. It has been a long road, and we have worked tirelessly to complete a fully native macOS application that feels right at home in your menu bar.

Our first release of Guardian has been laser focused on iOS. We continue to ship major upgrades, fix bugs, and enhance the user experience. We never slowed our pace of shipping industry leading features such as custom curated Blocklists and the Exceptions capability. Exceptions includes a dataset of nearly 15,000 apps with rules curated by us to allow you to customize which apps or websites you might want to exclude from being filtered by Guardian Firewall, resulting in a more seamless experience on your device. While staying busy with Guardian Firewall updates for iOS, we were able to begin our next implementation to expanding our platform support.

All of those efforts are finally paying off today as we reveal the first beta release of Guardian Firewall for macOS. The app sits neatly in your menu bar ready to be enabled with a click at any given time. Our native Guardian Firewall never asks for many resources, making it the perfect privacy companion during travel as more and more of us start to venture out into the world on a daily basis.

The beta release is only available to Guardian Pro subscribers for the time being. We plan to make Guardian Firewall for macOS available to all subscribers as we approach our public release.

Download Guardian for macOS today and let us know what you think!


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